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3 out of 10 Season 2

Further antics and mis-adventures of the World’s Worst Game Developers ensue as the saga of “3 out of 10” continues. Caffeinated super-powers, sentient AIs, and rival game studios all stand in the way of Shovelworks studios as they struggle to finally make a game that scores better than “3 out of 10”. Will this be the Season that they finally do it?



Epic Games Store


Contract QA Tester


  • Performed exploratory testing on all episodes of Season 2.

  • Tested both external Epic Game Store builds and internal dev builds, and reported bugs on ClickUp.

  • Recorded screenshots and/or footage of bugs to go along with bug summary, repro steps, and expected and observed results.

  • Performed regression testing for already reported bugs.

  • Performed halo testing when regressing bugs.

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