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PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android


Production Assistant


Fortnite is a world of many experiences. Drop onto the Island and compete to be the last player — or team — standing. Create an Island of your own with your own rules. Hang out with friends on an Island that someone else created. Or save the world by taking down hordes of monsters with others.


  •  Supported production for a seasonal gameplay team working on Fortnite BR.

  • Created & maintained production documentation for features and processes across Jira, Confluence, Miro, Productboard, and Google Drive.

  • Prioritized, triaged, and backlogged/closed bugs based on prod timelines and in alignment with our goals.

  • Scheduled, attended, and captured notes & action items at meetings regarding our team's features.

  • Worked with design, engineering, and QA to task and track work.

  • Collaborated with the team's producer to identify process shortcomings & flaws, and proposed potential improvements.

  • Took production ownership and became the prod POC for a variety of items & features.

  • Helped reach a timely resolution for Fortnite live issues by assessing the impact, delegating investigation to the right developers, clarifying an action plan to address the issue, escalating & de-escalating when necessary, and maintaining consistent and clear communication.

  • Worked with team to smoothly ship a highly successful season of Fortnite while simultaneously working on the following season.​

Seasons I've worked on:

  • Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin'

  • Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise

  • Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA



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