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PS4, PS5


Production Coordinator (Contract)


God of War Ragnarök is the ninth entry into the God of War series as well as the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed God of War (2018). It is the final chapter of the Norse saga.


  • Supported day-to-day production on the environment art and lighting teams.

  • Improved cross-departmental visibility and reduced communication overhead surrounding downstream dependencies between Vis Dev and environment art teams through weekly emails detailing recently approved work, in progress task status, and relevant dates.

  • Compiled data for, wrote, and delivered various recurring production reports and meeting agendas using Jira and BigPicture. Took and disseminated meeting notes.

  • Performed burndowns and true-ups on important production documents to reflect the most up to date and accurate statuses of environment art and lighting work for better informed decision making and scheduling.

  • Entered and assigned out Jira tasks based on various team needs.

  • Performed regular Jira maintenance to improve usability for other producers and devs, including adjusting stack rankings, reflecting task priority from production docs, and making sure proper fields are filled in correctly for better querying.

  • Elevated dev issues to appropriate parties for faster turnaround on resolution and otherwise helped resolve blockers.


Production Intern


In this 12 week internship program held by PlayStation, I got to work on the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed God of War (2018).

As a production intern on the worlds team, I primarily supported the environment art, VFX and lighting teams during a critical part of development by taking ownership of existing processes as well as proposing and taking ownership of new ones that increased visibility between teams.


  • Assisted production staff with day to day production issues for different departments.

  • Worked closely with various cross-departmental groups to ensure communication, delivery of assets and feedback.

  • Helped assemble presentations for teams, take screenshots and record footage.

  • Helped to take notes in various stand-ups and meetings, disseminated information, updated schedule and bug databases, the wiki and tracked status.



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