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Compete in a cosmic tournament as the outcast god, Pluto, in a quest to redeem your honor as a true planet. Face other cosmic deities in card based RPG combat, grow your set of celestial skills, and face your destiny in the ultimate battle against Sol himself. Can you play your cards right and reclaim your spot as a true planet?


Android, iOS


Producer, Senior Producer



  • Staffed four teams based on project and team needs, available resources, and existing teams.

  • Established and oversaw dev. and production process, the teams, and their projects.

  • Identified best practices for documentation and Kanban board usage and set expectations across all teams.

  • Kept teams on track, ensured they understood their goals and milestones for said goals so they could hit their deadlines.

  • Tracked teams, schedules meetings with team producers and their teams, and facilitated communication to encourage visibility in relevant channels.


  • Led a remote Live Ops team working on the game.

  • Kept team on track to meet deadlines. Schedules deadlines per organization goals.

  • Planned and scheduled meetings based on team availability.

  • Took meeting notes, built and maintained documentation repository.

  • Facilitated communication, syncs, and team autonomy in task generation.

  • Created a high level understanding of goals and priorities within team.

  • Tracked tasks, built up product backlog, and maintained a Kanban board using Miro.



Pluto's Ascent Title Screen
Earth Planet Region
Combat Screenshot
Combat Screenshot
Combat Screenshot
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